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July 03, 2013


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Do you hear the people sing?...Haha! I love this rally cry for poor Thomas.

We have a very large collection of Thomas toys where I work and I'm always amazed that all of the kids know all of the names of each and every train. The trains may be suppressed, but the marketers are brilliant!


Oh, they are. We're all in thrall to Topham Hatt's capitalist machine.


but no, really. we are.


This is very funny because my husband and I HATED Sir Topham Hat and we were always telling improvised stories about how the trains rise up and overthrow him.

The trains horrible eagerness to serve is intolerable to watch or read about. But it seems more feudal than capitalist. It reminds me of another thing I cannot stand which is that execrable Downton Abbey.

Maybe it is capitalist. Downton Abbey is definitely a fantasy of our time. But the natural servitude idea really gets to me.

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