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March 07, 2012


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It's tough but yes, the Sprog is going to keep you busy. And be a blast. And it only comes once. Such a cliche but...you'll see! So precious, so amazing.

But sorry. Foo. They missed out!!!


It's great that you have ideas. That's where I always get stuck!


I don't know, mayberry-- seems to me you're always up to something fun. That glass project was really cool.

snozz, thank you.It's true, that cliche-- as long as he's healthy and happy, everything else is manageable. And he makes me laugh.


Don't tell J, but I disagree with him on the "dare-to-be-great" phrase. Why not dare to be great? I mean, better that than 'dare to be sub-par,' 'dare to be average,' 'dare to be adequate,' right?

You're not saying you think you're great (and who cares if you do), you're saying you're daring to be great.

I think it's a great phrase and I plan on using it myself, if you don't mind. We can be grandiose together!


tracey, I disagree with him a bit, too. Particularly since the word "grandiose" carries a lot of baggage for me. But I didn't want to get into that.

I'm not talking about wanting to be Emperor, or building a flying machine-- just trying to think of a goal that I reasonably believe I could reach, with work, effort, and luck, that seems exciting and worthwhile. And thrilling! And life-affirming!

If you didn't know it yet, I'll let you in on a secret about J: He's a curmudgeon. A lovable one. But still.

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